Seamless Steel Pipe Supplier Announces The Best Seamless Steel Pipe Price For

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a reputed seamless steel pipe manufacturer. The company announces to supply seamless steel pipes at the most reasonable prices for customers around the globe.

With all advanced machines in their production unit, Shanghai Metal Corporation can manufacture both hot rolled and cold drawn seamless steel pipes with custom features, as per the demand of the customer.  The company owns 40T pull out machines and LD1005 rolling mills to maintain the highest degree of precision. With a perfect heat treatment, these steel pipes are suitable for a number of applications in several industries.

Seamless Steel Pipe Supplier Announces The Best Seamless Steel Pipe Price For Companies Around The World

Besides maintaining the best quality, the company also maintains the best seamless steel pipe price for companies around the world. Meant for a wide range of industrial applications, the company supplies general-purpose seamless pipes that can be manufactured from ordinary carbon steel or low-alloy structural steel. With the larger output, these seamless pipes are primarily used for conveying different fluids. These pipes have a hollow section and are ideal for the transportation of fluids, such as petroleum, natural gas and other products. The spokesperson of the company reveals that these hollow steel pipes are lighter in comparison to solid steel pipes, and are easy to transport and install at various places. However, the hollow tubes have the same bending and tensional strength as the solid pipes.

The seamless steel pipe supplier has high quality steel tubes to be used as structural parts or mechanical parts in many applications. For example, these hollow pipes can be used for manufacturing automotive drive shafts, bicycle frames, oil drill pipes, etc. These pipes are also suitable for making steel scaffolding that is used for the construction purposes. The steel scaffolding can be used for making ring-shaped parts, which can again promote material utilization and is ideal for the manufacturing process.  Thus, these pipes can be used for making components that can save costs and the processing time in the manufacturing process.

According to the spokesperson of the seamless steel pipe manufacturer, they can manufacture and supply seamless stainless pipes in various standards, including API, ASTM, DIN, GB, JIS, and others. The pipes can be available with a wall thickness of 2.11mm to 300mm, while the outer diameter of the pipes can range between 21.3mm and 1420mm. Available in A106, A192, Q345, ST35.8, ST37 and many other grades, the company can apply both hot rolling and cold drawn methods in manufacturing these seamless steel pipes. The spokesperson reveals that they can supply seamless steel pipes with different types of surface coatings, such as anti-corrosion oil, varnish painting, galvanized and others, as requested by the client. The company is capable of addressing all custom demands and manufacturing galvanized steel pipes according to their precise requirements.

One can check the specifications of the galvanized steel pipes the company can supply by visiting the website

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Shanghai Metal Corporation is a large international group company for Metal products, Machinery and parts, Electric system, and Construction industry machines. They have been more than 30 years in the business of products, such as: high quality aluminum, copper, stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel, steel structure. The company mainly manufactures coil, strip, foil, pipe, sheet, bar, and fitting. Also, they can supply the machinery and parts for Electric systems, and Construction project.

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