The cause of death of 239 people in the collapse of the Malaysian liner could

Причиной гибели 239 человек в крушении малазийского лайнера могли стать хакеры

The tragic flight 370 Malaysian airlines still raises many questions.Aviation expert Jeff wise in the television broadcast advanced version of hijacking by hackers. He suggested that the hijackers were able to penetrate into the electronics compartment and unlock the tightly closed door. The drop in internal pressure in the cabin, all passengers and crew were suffocated, and the hijackers by taking measures for your own safety, took control of the plane. Thus, the hijackers breaking into the electronic system of the aircraft and death of people, has achieved full control over the ship. Thus, the actions of criminals, could cause disaster when something went wrong. Wise indirectly agrees with most other experts who believe the death of flight 370.Numerous examination still did not provide the exact answer regarding the disappearance of the Boeing. Recall that the airliner Malaysian airlines disappeared from radar on March 8, 2014 and the investigation showed that 7 o’clock was in the air. Experts suggest: when ran out of fuel, the plane crashed into the ocean or fell in an impenetrable jungle. On Board the Boeing was carrying 12 crew members and 227 passengers.