Rafidah tells govt: Talk less, work more

Former minister Rafidah Aziz says the people should be made aware of where the blame lies when problems crop up. (Bernama pic)

KUALA LUMPUR: The Pakatan Harapan (PH) government should talk less and work more in order to put the nation back on the right track, Rafidah Aziz said.

The former international trade and industry minister said the government must get on with governing and shouldering the enormous task of nation-building.

She echoed Council of Eminent Persons chairman Daim Zainuddin’s statement that the government should stop pointing fingers and blaming the previous administration that ruled the country for the past 61 years.

Daim told the government to start concentrating on delivering their promises to the people who had voted for them in the 14th general election (GE14).

“Let’s get on with governing. But when the problems created by the previous government cropped up, we have to tell the rakyat who created them. However, the rakyat must also know where the blame actually lies,” Rafidah said.

Asked on the role she could play upon joining PPBM, which is chaired by Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Rafidah said she would give her commitment to the PH government through her membership in the party.

Rafidah, who is currently AirAsia X Bhd chairman, stressed that her wish to join PPBM was “not because other people are joining it”.

“I don’t do anything with a personal plan or agenda… not my culture. For me, it’s a token participation, I have already done my bit to help PH win PRU14 (GE14),” she quipped.

Meanwhile, Asean Traders Association president Moehamad Izat Emir said the association was relieved that Daim had offered sound advice to the government.

“Tun Daim’s remarks were pertinent, wise and full of responsibility, in line with his duty as a government adviser.

“The culture of vilifying the opposition, dwelling into the past will not benefit the new government, contrary to the concept of openness practised in Parliament where everyone with a smartphone can access the debate by lawmakers,” he said.

Izat said people would eventually become annoyed with the rhetorics if there were no significant changes made.

“We are also seeing contests in the four parties in Pakatan Harapan that we don’t understand. They went to the polls as a team but now there is a tussle within the parties concerned. Which faction should we follow?

“What is important, Malaysians want development and progress, and Dr Mahathir’s leadership is still needed to avoid disunity,” Izat said.

Meanwhile, Sunway Group corporate adviser Ramon Navaratnam said the people were beginning to grow tired of the antics of blaming past leaders.

“We need to review, revise, reform and rise faster on all fronts in our socio-economic and political development. The government should plan for the present, while the future must be given a stronger thrust,” he said.

Ramon, who was former transport ministry secretary-general, noted that Daim was one of the few outstanding Malaysian leaders who could tell the government what to do.

“The rightists and extremists have to be isolated in order for us to move forward as a more united and progressive New Malaysia,” he said.