League of Legends News: Riot finally releasing a new game?

Via Riot Games
Via Riot Games

League of Legends has been dominating the gaming industry for a while now. The game which was released back in 2009 is still going strong. Riot Games, the company responsible for developing League of Legends hasn’t released any other major title yet.

Despite the company being one of the biggest in the industry unlike other companies Riot have only stuck to one game till now. This could be changing as rumours have been rising that Riot is finally coming up with a new game.

Riot have filled several trademarks in the name of Legends of Runterra. This includes things like clothes and software. A total of 9 trademarks were filed indicating something big is coming.

Runterra is the name of a fictional place where League of Legends universe exists. This could mean that Riot is trying to explore the story side of the game. An MMORPG(Mass Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) is the first thing that comes in mind and most of the community will really appreciate if it comes out. It could also mean a TV series or something along those lines since Runterra has a massive storyline.

Fans have been wanting a new game from Riot Games for years and they might be finally getting one. This could be a massive challenge since the industry is saturated with games now.

Season 8 is about to end and as we move forward to preseason Riot have revealed several changes that would be introduced for next season. Runes are expected to change and new reworks are also the way. Turret mechanism is already changing along with several small adjustments.

The new season will also feature three splits each rewarding players for their rank. This would mean players will have time to re-assess their gameplay on the basis of their split ranking.

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