Federal Reserve will now publish semi-annual stability reports in bid to

The Federal Reserve will now publish periodic reports on the US financial system’s stability twice a year, starting on November 28.

The report will feature an overview of how the Federal Reserve’s governors assess the financial sector’s resilience and try to detail any risk as the country’s economy continues to expand.

“We learned from the financial crisis that a resilient financial system is critical for a healthy economy,” said Federal Reserve governor Lael Brainard, who chairs a board committee on financial stability.

“The publication of the Financial Stability Report will be an important step in providing the public with more information about the board’s assessment of financial stability.”

The public report will be similar to those produced in other countries and will complement the annual report from the US Financial Stability Oversight Council, a joint group of regulators.

The report will also include a discussion of financial trends such as asset valuations, borrowing by businesses and households, leverage and funding risks.