PSG to pay Kylian Mbappe's taxes? French football star dismisses rumours

French superstar came out to squash rumours suggesting he struck a deal with Paris Saint-Germain to give his extra money for his taxes.

French champions PSG have found themselves in quite a soup since the ‘Football Leaks’ surfaced on the world wide web.

Reports ranging from financial foul play to racially profiling its young prospects. The latest revelation came in the form of young star forward Kylian Mbappe’s alleged conditions in his transfer from Monaco to the French capitol.

The rumours surrounding Mbappe forced the youngster to come out and clear the air, saying ‘it is not case’.

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Mbappe was accused of charging of 10 million euros from PSG in order to compensate for his taxes. He denied any knowledge of such a deal.

“I want to specify that I pay my own taxes in France, for all my income,” Mbappe was quoted as saying in an interview with France Info.

“For me, the important thing to see was that the club could give me the best chance to continue my progression,” he added.”It was a natural decision to choose PSG.”

The teenage wonder kid moved from Monaco to PSG on loan in the 2017-18 season and only signed a permanent deal reportedly worth £162million this summer.

According to the Football Leaks, the 19-year-old demanded a £48million net profit over his five-year contract. In addition to the money, Mbappe wanted flights on a private jet so he can travel without attracting attention from fans worldwide.

PSG according to claims in the Football Leaks, rejected the demands and instead agreed to pay a £27,000-a-month salary to pay his personal staff, a caretaker, a driver and bodyguard.

The ‘Leaks’ also claim that, Mbappe also wanted to be paid more money than Neymar if he became the ‘best in the world’.